1. For dried sea cucumber(for easier method you can get those that are ready soaked)Preparation:

soak and boiled for 30 minutes for 3-4 days till they are fully developed into size2. Japanese

2. Mushrooms - Soak overnight in water
3. Button mushrooms
4. Aparagus
5. Abalone - sliced thickly(not sure how to prepare the dried one so we just use the canned one)

6. Dried Scallops
7. Oysters
8. Clams


1. Braised mushrooms with oysters until mushroom got soften.
2. Add in sea cucumber, dried scallop and continue to braised for about 45-1 hour.

3. Add in abalone, aparagus, button mushroom and clams and braised for about 30 minutes.


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